About Us

         My name is Roosevelt A. Boyer III, call me Tri (for the third).  I was born in Denver, Colorado. I attended high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico and studied art at Western University of New Mexico. I have done freelance work for the about 30 years. In 2009 I officially started Tri D’zigns, a home décor and accessories company. I have always loved to create with my hands.  As early as eight, I can remember building miniature houses out of cereal boxes, complete with furniture and other accessories.  This was the inception of my desire to create beautiful and functional home furnishings. Essentially I have been an artist my whole life. I am experienced in sculpting, painting (oil and acrylic), computer graphics, drawing, home decor, custom furniture and designs. No particular medium is my favorite as I often combine them to achieve any desired effect.

        Tri D'zigns began in 1984 when I made my first clock out of foam core.  I held on to the design for years because I did not know how to reproduce it.  A few years later I discovered the means to mass-produce my clocks and other designs. Through trial and error and many designs later, I have perfected my process and am now making it available to the public. I have created several logos for some small record companies and the logo for a Los Angeles based law firm.  I have sold many privately commissioned paintings and sculptures as well as printed reproductions of my own designs.